Cannabidiol – one of 85 chemical compounds in marijuana

Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in a variety of plants from hemp. Here is a simple explanation of how CBD works: “THC acts as a classic sedative, putting you to sleep unless you ingest at least 15 mg of THC. CBD acts as a potent anti-anxiety, anti-pain and anti-diarrheal and has almost 200 benefits to authorized and prescribed individuals. However, at present, the the status about CBD’s long term safety is still uncertain.”

“Beginning in 2000, the federal government promulgated federal guidelines for medical marijuana that permitted use of marijuana under various caregiver combinations. In May 2013, the government unilaterally revised the guidelines when the definition of caregiver standard was altered to require a $5,000 annual investment in an insurance policy, the equivalent to a tax on this income.”

CBD Products By Celebrities

The Mainstream Media still plays it safe. Every time we open CNN or CBS, we are bombarded with celebrities explaining how marijuana cures all kinds of health conditions. Many well known personalities have patented medicine based on marijuana (Keenan, Hannity, etc). CNN has been credibly and consistently wrong about the dangers of marijuana since its inception.

” In 1989 ABC News: “Marijuana, along with so many other chemicals, are not entirely safe. There have been dozens of recorded deaths linked to marijuana and there is also evidence that the substance can impair the hearing, cause IQ loss and cause other serious health problems.”

Marijuana Still Poses A Problem

CBS in 2006: “In three states, recreational marijuana is legal, and the Drug Enforcement Administration is investigating violence associated with the use of the drug.” CBS News in 2013: “Shared cannabis can spark violent outbursts. Police, doctors and legislators are all worried that allowing adults to grow a small amount of cannabis at home could lead to abuse by those under the influence of the drug, creating a flawed version of the medical marijuana program that does not allow patients to easily receive the medication when they need it.”

In the April 23, 29, and 30-minute newscasts on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Youngstown, Ohio, and Atlanta, we saw all three networks staked out on marijuana.

CNN Tonight: “This could be the most serious standoff between federal and local authorities in recent years. Hundreds of police and agents from several states are trying to keep the federal government from seizing a cattle ranch from the Harney County ranchers. In 1996, the United States government gave up its ranch after Harney County tried to seize it in a narrow decision that involved whether federal ownership had conferred a privilege on the county and its officials to deprive other local governments of resources.

A 2001 Supreme Court case reinterpreted the 1951 federal law that gave state and local governments the power to set their own land use policies. The court ruled that the Constitution protects individual property rights, but allows the federal government the right to limit those rights when it is perceived as unnecessarily encroaching on states’ rights.”

The Issue of a National Law

Meanwhile CBS: “White Mountain-based Buck Doctor is one of a few dozen marijuana farmers and processors in Oregon and Washington, who sell for pharmacies several strains suitable for patients that have one of 15 strains of medical marijuana that are available under Oregon’s new law.” The report also incorrectly and refused to correct the actual figure attached to the company. The actual figure is approximately 7-25%. The media report it as run-of-the-mill— not “very high”. With the stories all together and stated as fact, it is okay for the media to perpetrate intelligent revisionist was not media reports were completely authentic and factual admissions to a compound that remains illegal under federal law for medical and recreational use.

It would be fair to add that the actual numbers of deaths may be various; the word “may” probably translates as less than fatal. Nevertheless, the purpose would be to increase the political pressure. Otherwise, the media will be forced to do something that has never been done before. If the media had to report something like this but do not use the word “marijuana” in the housing, they would be ridiculed as “Big Pharma propaganda.”

CBD as alternative

Cannabis smoking is close to legal. What happens then?

It will be a long wait before there is a national legal and moral acceptance of marijuana at least as far as its health benefits are concerned. In the meantime, hemp CBD is a viable alternative.


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