Improve Your Good Sleep Patterns

Do you wake up in the morning and bound out of bed, or is getting out of bed to face the day difficult for you? If the latter is true, why do you feel this way? Are you having problems sleeping, or is it that life is becoming so stressful you just can’t sleep? If you let stress or other conditions affect your sleeping patterns, then you are allowing things to get its own way. Such an attitude could lead to acute insomnia. One of the easiest remedy is to try a drop of CBD under your tongue – see if it works. Many CBD users have experienced improved and good sleeping patterns.

Our ability to remember things is greatly diminished by lack of sleep and much of the difficulties we face when tired is the result of these difficulties. We find it difficult to maintain emotions under these conditions, and when combined with the lack of perception, we can find problems seem much worse when we are tired and interpersonal problems with family and friends become issues we prefer not to deal with under these circumstances.

Addressing the sleep disruption pattern is something we all know we should do, but few of us take the initiative to improve our emotional and physical wellbeing. We tend to stay in the cycle and try to deal with our lack of energy or with the associated problems of relating to others appropriately.

The problem with continuing the sleepless cycle is that itself perpetuates. The very things that were initially a symptom of sleeplessness eventually becomes the cause of it as we lie in bed concerned about life problems. Breaking the cycle is essential to improve not only our sleep patterns but also our emotional, physical and social well-being.

How to Address Sleep Problems

Our sleep cycles are dictated by hormonal responses in our body to light and darkness. If over time we prevent our bodies to submit to these responses naturally, they become resistant to them. Believing it’s possible to retrain them and setting some guidelines to achieve this is essential to overcoming the problem.

Try to learn techniques that help you to relax before you sleep. Turn off the computer, have a warm bath and consider a warm milk based drink. Plan to go to bed earlier and if necessary listen to music or meditate. Try to listen to your body as it tells you it is tired earlier in the evening and don’t resist the impulses by continuing to watch television or use the computer.

Convincing yourself of the importance to your health and well-being is the key to finding a solution to a problem that can have a profound effect on the way you feel about yourself and your world.

CTFO’s CBD Sleep Support Oral Spray

You deserve a good night’s rest!

Our bodies release different hormones to help promote normal functions, such as sleep.

Unfortunately, as we age, environmental factors such as artificial light reduce the amount of hormones our bodies are able to produce, resulting in lack of sleep.

CTFO’s Sleep Support Spray is combined with a special blend of CBD and other important nutrients to help promote a long & restful sleep. This product is great for those experiencing difficulty falling or staying asleep! It helps to improve your quality of sleep with no groggy feeling the next day!

Our unique blend of nutrients has been specially selected to help you sleep faster and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. These nutrients are absorbed orally – almost instantly. They promote good sleep habits & help fight insomnia.

It contains CBD scientifically tested to be safe & effective! Adults spray two (2) sprays into mouth 15 min before bedtime, daily as desired.

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